how it all came to be – from the idea to the grand opening

february 2007

We’re on our way to the mountains in North Kerala. The villages are becoming smaller and more sparse while the air is constantly becoming fresher and purer. It already is late in the afternoon when an old Vaidya who we meet at our hotel is trying to tell me he wants to show me something.

In India I can go with the flow, my confidence in the right way of things is strong; we organise a taxi and leave; nightfall is approaching fast. Following the meandering small streets upwards, we pass the last sandalwood forests of Kerala. We stop in front of a big building. A few men, both young and old, are standing there, wearing baseball uniforms, and look at me in a surprised way – visitors seem to be a rare sight in this place. Intrigued, I look at the Vaidya – what am I supposed to be doing here? Well, the gentlemen speak English and I find out that this is a Carmelite monastery built in the 1960s.

They are priests, 27 of them living in a building with more than 300 rooms. Everything here is radiating a profound quiet, far away from any Indian civilisation. Priests in baseball uniforms? A young man smiles at me and explains that they were just playing a match with their boys. “Your boys?” I find myself asking – well – those are the approximately 147 children of all ages who the monks here take care of, teach and provide simple meals for. We are surrounded by mountains and the “natives” who live here send their children to this place after years of effort by the priests. During the week, they are given class and meals while during weekends they return to their parents after an hour-long march.

The Carmelites are a very old, contemplative catholic order which supports social projects in all parts of the world; they build non-profit hospitals and schools as a Carmelite – dressed in a brown robe – isn’t allowed to have any belongings of his own.

The monks show me the premises, the inner courtyard, the surrounding area – by now, night has fallen, and myriads of fireflies are buzzing around the lake. It’s like a dream – oblivious to anything else at the moment I begin my journey back and promise to return one day. I can feel it – this is the place I’ve been looking for so many years. Situated amidst
untouched nature, huge plantations (vegetables & fruit) in healing silence, our center for harmony and healing is supposed to be created, if god will (as the head Carmelite says).

july 2008

I can’t take my mind off the ideas for this project. Once again, we’re heading there, Prof. Dr. S., Dr. N. and me, to the monastery, to hopefully take the next step towards the realisation of this vision.

september 2008

After many conversations and yet another visit to the monastery, we’ve come closer to the realisation by completing our renovation plans for the locations.

february 2009

Commencement of construction work

april 2009

Commencement of the rooms’ renovations

june 2009

The first larger parts of work have been finished.

juli 2009

Commencement of the work in the bathrooms

august 2009

Furniture is ordered at local manufacturers.

september 2009

The first pieces of furniture are being produced.
Opening date is now set: February 2010

february 2010

Grand opening of our Cure Monastery on


  • Affordable Ayurveda cures
  • A part of the income is used for the Carmelites’
    children projects
  • Long-term plan: Installation of alternative energy
    sources directly on site
  • Living & healing with and within nature”
    Educating and supporting the local children with
  • Expanding the herbal plantations, biological
    cultivation of various fruit and vegetables for our
  • Intense courses on the topics Ayurveda /

what we offer

  • Naturopathy/ Ayurveda/ Yoga & meditation / other
    holistic healing methods
  • Seminars on living naturally & self-therapy
  • Therapists from all over Europe get the opportunity
    to help alongside our courses and cures

information material

Should you wish to support a child’s education and food in the monastery, you’ll find the current leaflet (Seite 1, Seite 2)here.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Drexler, she’ll be more than happy to be
of assistance.

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