South West Resort

South-West Resort

The Resort

The resort is located in a fishing village – on the seafront on the southwest coast near Wadduwa. The transfer from Colombo airport takes about 1.5 hours (60 km). The immediate beach location invites to walks. The hotel has a swimming pool with sun loungers and hammocks, as well as a tranquil, open restaurant overlooking the garden and the beach. Here you will find countless opportunities to enjoy life with all your senses. It is a perfect place to indulge your body.

The Ayurveda Resorts of South-West Resort are dedicated to the authentic practice of Ayurveda. The resorts are located on the beach and are small, comfortable and nice and unlike other Ayurveda hotels are no bookings accepted by normal leisure tourists. Our spas are exclusively for Ayurveda guests. The entire atmosphere is aligned to life in the Ayurvedic way. Ayurvedic meals are offered and at the bar no alcoholic beverages are served, but herbal juices. Even the music and the offered entertainment program are set to Ayurveda. To further support the ayurvedic lifestyle of a healthy body and mind, meditation and yoga classes are performed. In both resorts English and French speaking staff are available to take care of the guests and translate during consultations.

The cure hotel has 20 lovingly furnished double rooms spread over two double-storey buildings. Each room is equipped with shower / WC and fan, on request individually adjustable air conditioning. On the first floor is a large terrace with sun loungers, which invites you to linger or also serves as a yoga place.

The intensive regeneration program

The program is based on the principles of AYURVEDA and PANCHAKARMA (inner cleansing). The selection and frequency of each treatment are based on the prescription of the chief doctor and may vary from case to case. As a rule, the spa program consists of specific Ayurvedic treatments, Ayurvedic herbal remedies and Ayurvedic food – depending on the doctor’s prescription.
In the interaction of the individual therapies, harmful substances (toxins) are isolated in the body and eliminated in the course of the natural excretory organs. The aim of the cure is to balance the three doshas and to regulate the body weight. Yoga and meditation ideally complement the therapy plan and optimize the success of the body and mind. At the end of the course all guests are indulged with a flower bath (Pushpa Avagahana).
The Ayurveda treatment helps with many chronic diseases and also frees of mental baggage. Astonishingly fast Ayurveda helps in rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, arthritis, muscle tension and movement restrictions, insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, migraine and other headaches, high blood pressure, depression, chronic inflammation such as sinusitis, bronchitis and bladder infections, also in cold, skin diseases, Asthma, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as overweight and nicotine abuse.



Price per person, as of 04/2018, all prices are subject to change !

Season from 01.11.2017 till 30.04.2018
Nights Single Double Single w/AC Double w/AC
7 875 € 840 € 980 € 945 €
14 1.750 € 1.680 € 1.960 € 1.890 €
21 2.625 € 2.520 € 2.940 € 2.835 €
28 3.500 € 3.360 € 3.920 € 3.780 €
Season from 01.05.2018 till 30.04.2019
Nights Single Double Single w/AC Double w/AC
7 805 € 770 € 910 € 875 €
14 1.610 € 1.540 € 1.820 € 1.750 €
21 2.415 € 2.310 € 2.730 € 2.625 €
28 3.220 € 3.080 € 3.640 € 3.500 €

Prices include

  • full board
  • 2-hour daily Ayzuveda Panchakarma treatment
  • daily herbal tea and mineral water
  • 3 times a week medical consultations
  • 2 times a week Ayurvedic cooking demonstrations
  • 3 times a week Yoga
  • 2 times a week meditation

Prices do not include

  • Cost of the WIFI (15 € for the duration of the entire stay)
  • Sarong Pack for Ayurvedic Treatments (15 € for 2 sarongs & 2 bath towels)
  • acupuncture
  • Christmas meal: 35 € p.P.
  • New Year meal: 40 € p.P.
  • Ayurvedic facial treatment
  • Ayurvedic medicines in the pharmacy
  • trips
  • Transfers (90 € per transfer, as of April 2018)

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