Ayurveda Cure

An Ayurvedic Cure cleanses and rids your body of the poisons of everyday life

Ayurveda treatment

Ayurveda treatment in Germany

Ayurveda in Germany is mostly in the field of wellness. This is about relaxation and beauty. The level of treatment as well as the qualifications of the therapists are secured in any way. In the worst case, the treatment is not only harmless, but actually depends on damage. The few qualified Ayurvedic hospitals in Germany are very expensive. So if you’re on the need for relaxation and recreation also have a serious health problem, then the Ayurveda treatment in India is a good option. You get top-class medicine on a state-secured qualification level and due to the currency gap, the price-quality ratio is attractive. A serious Ayurveda treatment requires several weeks, and chronically ill are often financially constrained, a high-profile treatment in Germany is unaffordable for many.

Which disease can Ayurveda cure?

Ayurveda is particularly suitable in all degenerative and chronic diseases: allergies, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, skin diseases, cardiovascular problems, disorders of the digestive system, joint problems, chronic inflammation, metabolic diseases, disorders of the immune system, stress, environment and diet-related diseases and much more. After an accident, surgery and severe, acute disease, Ayurvedic treatment offers an excellent recovery option. Detoxification, deacidification, improved sleep and digestion are reliable results of an Ayurvedic cure.

Ayurveda in psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders

Ayurveda considers body, mind and soul and is therefore psychosomatic medicine in the best sense. The doctors however, are not psychologists or psychotherapists. Although they will indicate which behaviors, life situations and attitudes that led to our clients’ diseases and what they should change, Ayurveda is consultation, not therapy. It will be limited to physical measures but have an effect on the mind and soul. Ayurveda can have a positive impact on mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, etc., for physical and mental disorders both caused by disturbances of the energy flow , and balance. However, patients are advised to only travel to India if they are are mentally stable and independent. Also, they should first consult their psychiatrist independently on what medication should be taken during the course of their treatment. Patients with psychoses or other mental illnesses can also only be cured if they are stable, do well controlled with medication. An Ayurvedic treatment would be an overwhelming experience for someone with an acute psychosis or an attempted suicide and therefore wouldn’t be recommended and could mean an admission into an Indian psychiatry.

The best time for Ayurvedic treatment in India

The best time for an Ayurvedic treatment is during the monsoon in Kerala from June to September and again in October-November. During this time, the body can detox the best. Heavy rains make traveling quite dangerous flooding and landslides can be expected. Even Europeans who manage to pull through most everything have problems with the moisture, even if it does the body well. Europeans feel most comfortable in the “winter” in Kerala from December to February. In “Summer” from March to early June it becomes increasingly hot and in the coastal region it becomes unbearable. The higher the altitude of the destination, the more pleasant the climate to the point that even the summer becomes bearable, if not pleasant. For sites that are located in the rain shadow of the Western Ghats, also falls from the monsoon low. Here you can stay in a pleasant climate all year round.

Optimal duration of Ayurvedic Cure

One to two weeks are definitely good for recreation and leisure. Serious diseases require a longer treatment so you should plan 4 to 6 weeks, possibly even longer. The classical Panchakarma treatment lasts six weeks but isn’t always the cure of choice. We would recommend seeking the advice and opinion of an Ayurvedic doctor here.

The appropriate clinic

There are many different clinical profiles. If you aren’t seriously ill and have a more relaxing holiday in mind, you may not be seeking a strict therapy discipline. Then you need another clinic as opposed to someone who wants to cure a serious illness. Here, our personalized service is the key to satisfaction. You can read about the variety of our clinics here.

Cost of Ayurvedic Cure

A two way flight to India currently costs between 600 and 800€. The spa week can cost between 500€ and 1000€ depending on the clinic. Not so much the medical care plays a role as the degree of comfort and location. A top-class medical treatment in a simply furnished clinic in the countryside can be significantly cheaper than Wellness Ayurveda in a luxury hotel at a popular travel destination. For the cost of transportation from the airport to the clinic anywhere from 50-150€ has to be considered. In the clinic small fees may be incurred for services like laundry. The food is included in the Price and is part of the therapy. If you have individual travel plans you can expect to calculate extra. All in all, India is a very cheap travel destination and we can help you plan any extra needs and whishes you should require.

Planning an ideal itinerary of Ayurvedic Cure

Long flights and trips in India are demanding. The roads are bad and very curvy in the mountains. The outdoor temperature and humidity are high and air conditioners can be stressful for mucous membranes and sinuses. If the transfer to the clinic should require more than 2-3 hours, it should be considered to insert between flight and transfer a buffer day and overnight on the coast, both before and after treatment, unless the coast is hot and the mountains are cool. Ask us about endurance, season and location of the clinic which must be observed. If you want to travel about beyond the cure India, then usually before the treatment. After the treatment, the body is more sensitive than usual and should be allowed to relax in any case prior to the rigors of travel. A direct route home on the couch here is the motto. You should not plunge right back into the everyday stress as well. Allow plenty of rest days at home, the longer the treatment, the more adjustment days you would need.

After Ayurvedic Cure

This treatment ends an extensive cleaning and remodeling process of your body, the longer the treatment lasts. This conversion process also covers the months after the treatment. Liver, kidney, skin, and other organs are further burdened with elimination processes. What brought you the cure, you can continue to influence you until after 3 to 6 months, during which you can definitely feel more listless than usual. During the period immediately after the treatment, your organism is more susceptible to stress than usual. Therefore, it is essential to rest. Ideally, at least as long as the treatment lasted. No sports or other physical stress, no hypothermia or moisture, direct sunlight (sun or screen!), No mental stress. Anyone who does not take this into account may be partially susceptive to serious complications. Typically joint and muscle injuries caused by excessive physical exertion, as joints have become smaller due to reduction in inflammation and swelling have more room and muscles may be slightly degraded during long treatments. Also typical are abscesses and other skin problems as the organism had previously been hindered in its detoxification process. Always expect unfamiliar spots and other signs of detoxification. Colds, infections, inflammation, headache and fatigue are other typical complications. Please act accordingly, as it would be a shame if you put the successful treatment in jeopardy due to disregard for physical limitations!
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