Ayurveda with fantastic view
on Lake Maggiore

Ayurveda at the Lago Maggiore

Surrounded by lemon- , fig- and olive trees, in the garden of Casa dei Tre Tesori, you can look forward to relaxing yoga lessons.
You can complete the yoga with a well-being program and the promising offers of Casa dei Tre Tesori, practice for traditional Chinese medicine & Ayurveda.
During the applications, you will enjoy the fantastic view of Lake Maggiore.
The house is located on the edge of Monte Verita, just 5 minutes from the piazza in Ascona. A place that invites you to leave everyday worries behind with the aim:


– Abhyanga partial or full body massage
– Classic massage
– Smoothing the face
– Decongestion / smoothing of the legs
– Baby and child massage
– Color therapy
– Light gem acupressure
(Well suited for children)
50 minutes – 90 CHF | 60 minutes – 120 CHF

Traditionel Chinese medicine
– Acupuncture
– Chinese herbal therapy
– Ear acupuncture
– Acupuncture + gemstone radiator
– Qi Gong
– Monte Verita 5 elements path
50 minutes 90.- | 60 minutes – 120.- CHF

– Yoga / Physio – Stretching
70 minutes | 70 CHF from 2 persons 35


1 – 2 days program:
• 1x Yoga (40 Min.)
• 1x Anamnese (70 Min.)
• 1x Ayurveda treatment
oder other selection (60 Min.)
1 Ayurveda Drink
• Info about other offers
Price: 225.- CHF

Traditionel chinese Medizine
1 – 2 day program:
• 1x Qi Gong (40 Min.)
• 1x Anamnese (70 Min.)
• 1x Trad. Chin. Medizine
treatment or other
selection (60 Min.)
• 1 Chin. tea | Drink
• Info about other offers
Price: 280.- CHF

2 – 3 days program:
• 2x Yoga ( à 40 Min.)
• 1x Anamnese (70 Min.)
• 2x Ayurveda treatments
or other selection (60 Min.)
• 1 Ayurveda Drink
Price: 370.- CHF

2 – 3 days program:
• 2x Qi Gong (à 40 Min.)
• 1x Anamnese (70 Min.)
• 2x TCM treatments
or other selection (60 Min.)
• 1 Chin. tea | Drink
Price: 440.- CHF

More offers

Ayurveda – Meditation Course | Powernap
Efficient recovery in just 20 minutes. The body is in the
Deep sleep and the mind stays awake. This gives body,
Mind, nervous system & feelings more energy and happiness.
Duration: 2 x 1,5 hours or 3 x 1 hour |Price: 210.- CHF p.P. | from 2 Pers 180 CHF | p.P

Ayurveda – type / pulse and health advice
This holistic information tailored to you individually
are a true asset to our lives. they include
years of experience, to make our lives more joyful and
Duration: 1,5 hours |120.- CHF

Percorso dei 5 Elementi (The 5 Elements Way)
The „ Percorso dei 5 Elementi“ promotes an attentive
Confrontation and a conscious dealing with yourself and
your environment. The guided path includes 5 power places on which
Yoga | Qi Gong exercises the 5 elements to be performed.
Get inspired by Monte Verita and recharge your batteries
and joy of life.
Duration approx.: 2 hours. Price in groups: 30,- CHF | Single price: 80.- CHF


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