Cure Monastery – A dream for nature and Ayurveda friends

Cure Monastery

A dream come true that was made possible in cooperation with the head of the Carmelite order. This Ayurveda Center is lead by experienced and competent Ayurvedic practitioners and therapists.” Currently, 12 newly renovated guest rooms offer
European curative visitors and patients basic, but Western comfort.” Not only the therapy itself is supposed to be working
here, but also the wonderful surroundings, the nature, the spiritual surroundings as well as the food which not only comes from clean organic sources but also is being prepared following Ayurvedic guidelines. Meditation, Yoga and additional voluntary spiritual guidance complete the treatment.

Ayurvedic clinic in Paradise

2007, we discovered a remote Carmelite monastery in the Kerala mountains, 175 km from the metropolis Cochin. Located at an altitude of 1800m (*), its monks lead a quiet life surrounded by fascinating landscape and untouched nature. At 25 degrees
average temperature, the local climate is far more agreeable with Europeans than the hot humid coastal climate.” “(*) As of now, we’ve gathered contradictory information concerning the monastery’s exact altitude.” According to locals, it’s supposed to be 1800 meters, while journalist Martin Fütterer is speaking of 1300 meters.” We weren’t able to gather additional information using Google earth, unfortunately. If you’re able to provide precise information, please do contact us!

Place to rediscover yourself

This place offers our guests the special chance to practise the Ayurvedic core basics: To refocus oneself, to relearn to feel yourself, to reassess one’s life and start making necessary changes not only to treat exhaustion or illness, but permanently heal them.


Vision and offer

In this place where climate change, overpopulation and industrialisation haven’t had a chance to leave traces yet we were able to realise a unique vision in cooperation with established Ayurveda centers: High quality medication, the necessary quiet, comfortable surroundings, affordable prices, a place to become healed. However, not only Ayurveda is being practised here. The Cure Monastery is open to and can be approached by therapists and trainers who wish to hold their seminars there and accommodate their own clients.

small distractions

Near Marayoor, there’s a small authentic rain forest (a special type of tropical jungle) being home to the last closely guarded sandalwood forests of India, wild elephants and a fauna and flora found only there. 5000 years old dolmes (ancient graves dating back to the stone ages) are proof that this area has been home to people living in harmony with nature for a very long time. For those guests who’d like to wish to enrich the healing monotony of the Ayurveda treatment or guests who “just” want to relax, little trekking excursions and visits with the local natives are an opportunity to gain insight in a world where time seems to stand still.

Clinic supports social work

The clinic provides a chance for the Carmelites and their monastery to continue their social work with the villagers and tribals (native people almost entirely secluded from civilisation) now that the former main American donor has withdrawn its support.


Prices per person. Prices are based off the exchange Rate of 1€ = INR 70. Prices as of 07/2015
nights single room double room
7 675 € 630 €
14 1.270 € 1.200 €
21 1.840 € 1.750 €
28 2.390 € 2.275 €
Long-term cures upon request upon request
Extra night (before or after a cure) incl. Ayurvedic full board, without treatment 40 € 35 €
Extra night (without a cure) incl. Ayurvedic full board, without treatment 45 € 40 €

prices include

  • Board and lodging
  • Vegetarian / Ayurvedic meals at a cure
  • Doctor consultations
  • Applications / treatments
  • Medicine
  • Yoga
  • Taxes &. Fees

prices don’t include

  • Transfer costs to / from Cochin airport, up to 2 persons per route: 100,00 € / from 2 persons per route: 130,00 € (as of. 11/2012, price per car, journey time approx 5 hours) Cheap Alternative: transfer from / to Cochin with the public bus (only for self-organization by the customer, journey time approx 7 hrs.)
  • cost of laundry
  • Phone and Internet usage charges

checkin and checkout

  • Check in: from 12:00 clock, earlier Check in is after consultation
  • Check out: not later than 09:00 clock
  • In flight caused a late departure to be additionally charged extra night to fall (= catering to departure, calculated on budget / basic)

Emergence of the cure monastery

Located in the rural part of Kerala’s district Idukki, Pius Nagar lies close to the village Marayoor. The locally situated Carmelite monks living close to Marayoor gave it its name to honor their saint patron pope Pius X. Currently, Pius Nagar has about 3000 inhabitants and is…
More about the origin of the cure monastery


Officially acknowledged as nature reserve in 1984, this famous and protected forest lies in the rain shadow of the western Ghat and can be found 18 km north of Marayoor on the Udumalpett street. So, Marayoor basically is the gate leading to this area.
Rajamala, Munnar, Kanthalloor – the land of apple trees is a nearby located sight. …
More about sightseeing around the cure monastery

How it happened

We’re on our way to the mountains in North Kerala. The villages are becoming smaller and more sparse while the air is constantly becoming fresher and purer. It already is late in the afternoon when an old Vaidya who we meet at our hotel is trying to tell me he wants to show me something…
More about the begginings of this Cure-Monastary

Seminar at the cure monatsery

Natural healing methods have been known all over the world applying a variety of treatments related to weather, nature, vegetation, culture and other resources…
More about the seminars at the cure Monastery

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